Gender Reveal: Baby Roman is a…. !!!! -

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Gender Reveal: Baby Roman is a…. !!!!

  1. AH! CONGRATULATIONS! Good for you guys making it a positive experience none the lesss! I would have been tempted to be a little more upset, but how exciting for you guys to plan for a little girl!! Congratulations Romans! 😘😘😘

    • Lindsey Roman says:

      Thanks Courtney!!!! We are just SOOOO amazed that we are on this journey! It’s getting so much more real….We can’t wait to meet her!!

  2. Kim Thompson says:

    Congratulations!! I bet your Mom is beside herself!! Praying for you guys. 😊

    • Lindsey Roman says:

      Hahaha!! EVERYONE is ready to spoil this baby!!! Thanks for your prayers, and so thankful that everything is going well so far!!

  3. Steph Maltby says:

    Ahhh!! Congratulations on your little baby girl! She will climb mountains! You two are gonna rock this whole parenthood thing! ; )

  4. Heather Ford says:

    What nerve that technician had, but glad you turned it into a positive!

    • Lindsey Roman says:

      Thanks!!! We were just super confused at first, but it’s all good. Now I know what color to have Andrew paint the baby’s room 😀

  5. Amy says:

    So I have a similar story about finding out by accident. We weren’t going to find out at the birth but wanted to do a mini reveal with our parents over Skype. Told the technician we weren’t going to find out but to let the OBGYN know. Singapore doctors allow only a few minutes so he slapped the report down on the desk in front of us and my husband and I both looked at it and our eyes immediately went down to “Gender: Male”. It was still a surprise because we weren’t expecting to find out then.

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