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That’s what I do with friends, and if you’re reading this, we’re already pretty much friends. Cool? Rad. First, you should know I'm a business coach & photographer livin’ in Lawrence, KS where I call home. 

Other titles I rock include wife, entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, professional traveler, unprofessional dancer (peep my insta stories for proof), and mama (that last one’s my fave.) I chase sunsets recklessly and laugh way too loud. I have an unhealthy obsession with marketing, spicy food, drinking my coffee black, and beating my husband at Settlers of Catan (but he will tell you differently.) I’m SO stoked you’re here. No really. I love meeting new friends. So sit back, enjoy a glass of wine, and stay awhile. You’re always invited to my party.

Let’s cut to the chase cause screw formalities.

photographer, wife, mama

Hey babes, Lindsey here!




HECK NO. I live for the messy, untamed, and wildly beautiful in between moments. Gimme real + raw over posed + perfect ANYDAY. I specialize in adventurous destination outdoor elopements and intimate weddings all over the world. I also specialize in giving a damn and showing up as a friend not just any ole’ vendor. UGH. I get to know my couples and by the end of it, we’re pretty much bffs texting gifs back and forth like 7th graders. Because that’s why I’m in this. To serve you with SO much more than just pretty photos, but a hella incredible experience.

RIGHT OFF THE BAT YOU SHOULD KNOW, I’m NOT the photographer who’s about that posed, every hair perfectly in place, not a wrinkle in sight crap. 


I'm all about the wild + the whimsical, the free spirits who want to experience every ounce of this life they've been given.

Things I’ve tried and fell in LOVE with? Head on over here if you’re a brand wanting to work with me or a friend wanting to know some of my FAVORITE things, from software that has made a HUGE impact on my business, to my style & beauty faves, to my motherhood & baby must haves.


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Owning a business is hella hard, am I right?! When I first started I felt like I was doing SO many things wrong, floundering around, and wondering how the HECK to grow my business. After growing multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses (learning a LOT along the way), I’m SO passionate about coming alongside and teaching fellow entrepreneurs what I’ve learned - like how to grow their businesses, reach their goals, and actually build a life & career they LOVE. Can I get an amen!? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry boo, I gotchu.

Mentorships, coaching, ONLINE courses, workshops, and so much more...

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Some of our top episodes:

Did ya know I host a podcast with my business bestie? Every Tuesday & Thursday we pop into your earbuds chatting all things business, marketing, social media, lifestyle, and soooo much more! With over 400 5 star reviews and 200,000 downloads… consider our show a poppin’ business cocktail hour with your closest girlfriends, one where you’ll laugh just as much as you’ll raise your hands screamin’ PREACH.

The Heart & Hustle Podcast

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What if there was a one stop shop for all things lifestyle, motherhood, free business trainings, posts of my FAVE places in the world, and the incredible couples I have the honor of photographing along the way? OH WAIT. There is. It’s the blog, and it’s the place to be. Head on over and get to browsing! See you there!

Not just your regular blog, I’m a cool blog.

Head to our Youtube Channel for everything family, lifestyle, travel, marriage, you name it. If you enjoy Andrew’s cameo’s on my Instagram… just waaiiittt til you see our channel. ;)

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Wanna know how I edit my photos to have those warm, natural tones, and glowy skin tones with a rich pop to give it a lil somethin’ somethin’?

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Teresa Williams

"I chose Lindsey to be my business coach after working with her numerous times. From attending The Heart Workshop twice to purchasing her online course, I’ve already learned so much, and knew she had the fire knowledge and guidance I needed. I’m moving forward with a lot of changes in my business and came to her with a lot of jumbled thoughts and questions. Lindsey addressed each one and gave me so many tangible tips and tools on how to move forward and most of all, succeed moving forward in my business. She was her bubbly, fired-up self just spitting knowledge at me from the time we began, to the end. The call ended, and I was ready to conquer the world! Just days after our call, I batch-wrote 15 blog posts for an upcoming business move, and it’s all thanks to Lindsey and the fire she put under me to move forward with truth in who I’m called to be, and how I’m called to lead my business. THANK YOU LINDSEY from the very bottom of my heart for always over delivering."

"10000/10 recommend Lindsey if you’re ready to take your business to the next 50 levels, no matter if you’ve had your business for 1 day or 15 years. She’s your gal!"

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