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How We Found Out We Were Pregnant…

  1. Andressa says:

    Really funny reveal! Hahahaha I’m just imagining Evie freaking out in the bathroom when she saw the test hahaha A lot of blessings in those six days, right? God bless baby Roman ❤

    • Lindsey Roman says:

      HAHAHA!! It was hilarious!! And thanks for your encouragement! Baby Roman is going to be our greatest adventure!!

  2. @MeghanLaboure_Photography says:

    Ahhh! Love that! Mine was pretty funny + random too now that I think about it!! Congratulations on you’re little love! It is the BEST!

  3. Aliyah Burton says:

    Love this, Lindsey! You’re such a joy. Can’t wait to see you be a beautiful mama 🙂

  4. This is such a great story!! Congrats! I too found out we were pregnant on the exact same day- oct 10th!!!! We have a little boy coming around June 10th! Yey for babies!!!! Lookin good mama XX

  5. Aleah Anseth says:

    I found out a week after our wedding that I was expecting. And the only reason I took a test was to ease my anxiety because I was on my stomach taking photos and something was like, “Ow, get up.” Little did I know that ‘something’ was my daughter almost 21 weeks grown.

    I took a test expecting it to be negative saw the plus sign and slammed the bathroom door open (where my husband was doing his business) saying, “WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO?!!!!!”

    That’s our story. Super not cute, super unromantic. We were told we might struggle having children so our daughter is the biggest surprise/blessing we could have asked for.

  6. Michelle Vincent says:

    With both of my kids we had been trying for about a year each time. The first I felt like I knew I was pregnant and taken way too many tests Like every day that all were negative even though I was 5 days late. Finally one morning David just got home (he was working midnights at the time) and I was like “here goes nothing… time to have another test tell me I’m not pregnant!” And he told me not to tell him if it was positive because he needed to go to bed. Haha. Low and behold there were two little lines. I completely lost it and ran down the stairs bawling. He just looks at me and says “you weren’t supposed to tell me!” And then started crying too.

    With my second we had been trying and had a miscarriage. Tons of labs and appointments later they put me on a medication to help me get pregnant. It was the very first cycle that I started using it and I kept telling David that I didn’t want to get my hopes up because it could just be the meds, but I felt pregnant. Every symptom I had I would tell him and he just kept giving me snarky responses about how it was just the meds. I got the positive test one morning after he had already gone to work. I freaked out all day but didn’t tell him. I surprised him when we got home with a snarky poem.
    “Some tests are pink and some tests are blue. Thankfully this one’s more positive than you. You can’t deny it now, for soon I will show. Here is your proof with a side of “I told you so!”” And then handed him the test

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