When I first started my photography business, I was so overwhelmed by everything I didn't know. What gear to buy, what software to use, lighting, editing, directing, posing.... not to mention social media marketing and client communication... the list goes on and on. No matter how far you are in your photography journey, running a business is no joke, and the entrepreneur life can be rocky. I feel you. This industry can make you feel so alone, especially in such a saturated, competitive market.

That is why I'm so passionate about helping others grow through sharing what I've learned over the years. I truly believe there's room for us all at the top, and you should never feel like you're in this alone. We all benefit from encouraging and educating others.

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The Heart University is an online business education media company I started with my biz bff Evie Rupp. We host in person photography workshops as well as teach an online business course for photographers and creative entrepreneurs. It's my top resource for all things business inspiration and entrepreneur education! If you're feeling MEGA exhausted from trying all the things and seeing zero traction in your business or just plain lonely from how oversaturated and overwhelming this industry can be... The Heart is for you.

Hop on over and check out all our freebies, join our education party, and be apart of a community of creatives that's all about uplifting one another, cheering each other on, and crushing our business goals together. Whether that's taking the online course so you can learn in your pj's... or you've been DYING to attend a photography workshop that feels more like a slumber party - but with some GOOD tough business love you need... we want YOU to be apart of The Heart University.

Feeling stuck and want to up level your business?

The Heart University

This is a basic Q&A style Skype session where we'll focus on whatever you want to know. Topics can range anywhere from (but not limited to) posing, directing, finding good lighting, how to set expectations with your clients, email communication, social media marketing, websites and blogging, pricing, editing, finding your ideal client, etc.. You name it, we can talk about it. This session is ideal for non-local beginners who are looking to invest in their education and learn more about how to run a photography business. (If you do happen to be local, we'll do this session in person instead!)

skype mini session 1.5hrs $900

This takes you through my whole process start to finish. We'll get together for coffee (or wine) and cater our chat to what you specifically want to learn. Topics can range from (but aren't limited to) attracting your dream client, social media marketing, preparing for a session, client communication, editing, workflow, websites, blogging etc.. Nothing is off limits. Then we'll both photograph a couple together. You'll see how I interact, direct, and make my clients comfortable. I'll coach & give you feedback as we go! This session is ideal for more experienced photographers local to Oahu, Hawaii OR willing to travel to wherever I am - check my travel schedule!

1 on 1 complete session
5 hrs $1400

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