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messy, real, and raw

Because I want to serve you with SO much more than just pretty photos - but an EXPERIENCE. I want to chat like giggly school girls about how you met and fell in love. I want you to text me photos of your dress so I can respond with a million GIFS completely FREAKING OUT cause you’re gonna look HELLA fine. I want to know what you love to do together on the weekends, how you interact, and the story of how he proposed. Because when we get to know each other like best friends, I'm able to capture your love story THAT much better.

So if you're down for adventure, not afraid to get mud on your feet, and don't mind wind or rain messing up your hair, we're probably the perfect fit! Because I want to give you those messy in between moments. Those moments that are unplanned and unposed. Where maybe your hair isn't perfect, but the look on your face is pure joy. Of course you'll get details and family shots (the ones Mom loves!), but what I truly want to serve you with are photographs that transport you back to the feeling you had in the moment they were taken.


I believe photography is artful storytelling.

I'm NOT about posing you in multiple (and awful) "prom-like poses" that make you feel stiff and awkward or showing up as a random vendor who sticks a black box in your face and tells you to “fake” smile. HOW ABOUT NO. Here's how I roll: We're gonna start off as friends, deal? ;). I’m gonna get to know your story so I can photograph the way it actually FEELS. I'm gonna capture who you really are, your quirks, your laughs, and your tears. I want to see the way you light each other up or laugh so hard you snort. Because THOSE moments are the real, authentic, wonderful moments of your elopement or wedding day you'll want to remember years down the road. They are much more valuable to me (and if you feel the same you've come to the right place.)

I'm ALL about serving you with an INCREDIBLE experience. It’s how I’m able to make my couples comfortable with me to get those candid in between shots that make you FEEL your love. It's not just about pretty photos for me, and you're not just a number on my calendar. I’ll be honest, if you're just looking for any person with a camera, I’m not your girl, and that’s ok! 

I'm an elopement and intimate wedding photographer most passionate about capturing moments. 

my approach

For my couples, I do everything I can to make sure your photos are ones you are proud to show your grandchildren one day. You need vendor recommendations? Someone to hold your dress and bring you coffee on the day of? Someone to walk right by your side and assist with ANY questions you may have? I got you and I MEAN IT. When you book me, you're booking more than just a photographer, but a friend who gives a damn. I'm a photographer for the adventurers, the wild, and the whimsical, the brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty or sneaking out of their reception for sunset photos. Eloping in the mountains? I'm there in a heartbeat. Getting married in a National Park? Sign me up! I specialize in outdoor intimate weddings and adventurous elopements, but no matter where your adventure takes place, if you value the experience over perfectly posed photographs, we'll be a perfect fit. 

My heart is to serve couples

starting at $3000 for 4 hours

starting at $6000 for 8 hours

international: inquire for custom quote

destinations & elopements

starting at $4500 for 6 hours

starting at $6000 for 8 hours

starting at $8200 for 10 hours

local weddings

weddings, elopements, & destinations

scott & janet

"Everything about our experience with Lindsey was hands down more than I could have ever imagined. Lindsey repeatedly exceeded my expectations. From the moment she emailed me back (promptly!) about my inquiry, I felt like she was my close friend, not a "vendor"...and I never felt like a "client." Lindsey asked so many questions, we emailed, facetimed, texted throughout the entire experience (over a year). She felt like just another friend/family member at our small Maui elopement. I knew she knew exactly what I wanted out of our time together (and she freakin nailed it!). My husband and I felt so comfortable with her & she is so good at her job, that I feel for the first time we have actually been captured as we see ourselves and our relationship. When you work with Lindsey, you are not just getting a photographer & pictures, you are getting an experience. Don't hesitate if you are even thinking about working with her. Thank you Lindsey for everything."

"more than i could ever have imagined."

Mason & Grace

It is honestly hard to even put into words at how in love my husband & I are with the photos Lindsey captured for us. She completely exceeded our expectations! Leading up to the wedding she was very easy to communicate with, always answering questions to help make the day go as smoothly as possible. As a bride it was so nice to go into my wedding day knowing that my photographer & I had planned as best as we could to get everything we wanted in our time frame. Not once was I worried she would miss anything. If you are lucky enough to have Lindsey as your photographer I promise you won't have to think twice about trusting her with your special day! I am confident you will love her and her work just as much as we did!

"Not once was I worried she would miss anything."

Chris & Sarah

“Lindsey is not only the SWEETEST girl ever, but also incredibly talented at capturing her clients in their truest form! We’ve had our pictures taken by other photographers in the past, and although those photos were all beautiful, none of them really felt like "us." They were just a little too posed and forced for us to really see ourselves and our relationship through the photos... but our experience with Lindsey was the complete opposite! We were both so comfortable thanks to Lindsey's expert direction and continuous encouragement. When we look back at the photos she took of us, I see us how I imagine us to be at this time in our lives - and how I want to remember this season of life for years to come. Do you and your boo a favor and book this girl! She's the best.”

"Do you and your boo a favor and book this girl!"

Kyle & Grace

"Lindsey is the sweetest pea you'll ever meet. My hubby & I were traveling to Hawaii and NEEDED to get a shoot done while we were there. I found her on Insta & KNEW that she needed to be our photographer. We hiked to a gorgeous view & then frolicked on the beach. We were CONSTANTLY laughing & Lindsey made it easy to connect with HER and my hubby too during the session. I never once felt awkward and she would give direction but then let us organically make a moment between us. We got sneak peeks VERY shortly after and then she sent the session SO QUICKLY back to us! I can't wait to hang these all over our home! I am so happy I found Lindsey & get to call her a friend for life!"

"Lindsey made it easy to connect with her & my hubby."

Landon & Evie

"Lindsey knows how to make you instantly comfortable - as if you've been childhood friends through diapers, mud pies, awkward middle school dances, high school friend drama... and somehow she's still by your side, but this time, she's capturing your love story with the skill of a goddess. I genuinely cannot recommend her enough. She's skilled at what she does, her love for the authentic and raw is evident, and she's not about to finish a session without going above and beyond for her clients. There isn't a single photo in my session that doesn't ooze professional perfection. From the way she interacts with you, to the quality of photos, to the speed that she delivers your session, I swear it'll be impossible to find a single flaw in this woman and her work. Do yourself a huge favor and book this wonder-woman, free-spirit, joy-bomb, real-and-raw photographer. I promise you will never in your life regret it."

"I genuinely cannot recommend her enough."

Cameron & Catherine

“Lindsey is such a kind, adventurous and talented soul. My fiancé and I trekked through a small coastal Scottish town, the highlands & the Isle of Skye together with Lindsey. We had such a wonderful time! Lindsey's communication and service is other worldly. Before, during and after our shoot, she made us so comfortable & we made a great friend because of it. My fiancé is not a big photo lover & she put him at ease in front of the camera - he was belly laughing & twirling around with me after a few minutes! The way she infuses movement into all of her photos is so unique and makes the experience extra special and perfectly candid! We are so happy with our photos and can't wait to have an album printed and prints hung up in our home. Thank you so much Lindsey!”

"She infuses movement into all of her photos."

love notes

*If you book a session with me in a location I'm already traveling to,  then travel possibly won't need to be included!* 
Check my travel page for updates!
So you ready? Let's go adventuring together. 

1.5 hour coverage // $900

3 hour coverage // $1200

couples sessions

Press & Praise

I currently live with my husband in Lawrence, KS! And HECK yes I actually specialize in destination weddings! I’m a born traveler at heart, am TSA Pre-checked, and can navigate airports like a pro. If you’re inquiring for an International wedding and are wondering if I’m up for traveling to you, the answer will always be YES. 

For couple sessions I I deliver a minimum of 75 high res edited jpeg files, for a 4 hour simple elopement at least 300 files, for a 6 hour intimate wedding at least 500 files, and for an 8 hour full wedding at least 600 files. I don't put a cap on maximum. I don't like to do this because every session and wedding is different. I promise I won't leave anything out, and you'll get the best of the best of what I shot!

No I won’t. My editing is a HUGE part of my art. It’s half of the end result I deliver, and giving out my unedited raws is like a chef giving out uncooked ingredients to her customers. No one wants raw chicken. ;) I promise I’ll deliver all the photos you’ll want, and if for some reason you think I missed something just ask! For me it’s all about building trust between us. If you trust me to make magic for you, don’t ask for RAWS.

I require a 30% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and signing the contract. The remainder is due on the day of your wedding or elopement. I accept payment through Honeybook or Paypal.  

For this to even be an issue, I would have to be either in the hospital or having a family emergency/death. I value my couples and their big day so much, and heaven forbid if something out of my control came up that prevented me from being at your wedding, I will personally find you a replacement day of photographer whom I completely trust and whose work you love.  

If you’ve already booked your date with me, and for some reason have to cancel or reschedule your wedding/shoot, the retainer fee is non-refundable. In order to book your new date, a new retainer will need to be paid. Please understand I’m not trying to steal your money. I do this because once your date is in my calendar, I’m counting on that money to help pay my bills that month. I’ve also most likely rejected other sessions for that same date.   

Depending on the forecast, I will probably suggest we embrace it. I say that because typically crazy weather makes for absolutely beautiful photos. Since I love capturing feeling and emotion over everything, weather like wind and rain has a way of enhancing that emotion in a way that’s breathtaking to photograph! Plus, isn’t it the best thing in the world to dance and make out in the rain!? I thought so. ;) However, if it's dangerous weather, we absolutely will reschedule!

Nope. My entire heart with my photography is to capture my couples as authentic and real as possible. I'm not about making people look unrealistic, fake, and barbie doll-like. If that's what you're wanting I'm probably not the best photographer for you. I want to capture the REAL stuff, the nitty gritty, the messy, the imperfect. Because THOSE are the moments I think you're going to want to remember in 20 years. That said, if there's a scar or a pimple (something that is temporary and would go away in 2 weeks) I am happy to brush it out of the photos.

I gotchu. Once you book with me I have an outfit guide I send out to all my couples that walks you through literally ANY outfit question you may have!

Nope. Over the years I've honed in on the type of photography I'm truly best at and what fires me up the most - couples. I love photographing love, and by narrowing in on just photographing couples I'm able to serve them best without spreading myself too thin in different avenues of photography.

Nope. It isn't fair to all my other fully paying clients to hand out discounts.

Yes! All of my Travel Collections include ALL travel expenses associated. I do this to make it super easy for you. I’ve been a bride before, and so I know how crazy ridiculous planning can get. Travel is all encompassing in those collections, that way you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or planning and booking all my travel expenses. No matter where in the world your wedding takes place, once you book with me, you can leave it all to me to show up ready to rock on your big day!  

For stateside weddings I always leave one full day in advance to counteract any delayed flights. For international weddings, I leave 3 full days in advance. This way, even if there are delays I’ll always make it to your wedding by the night before.  

For my Travel Collections that include travel to the mainland, here is what I’m accounting for: a roundtrip plane ticket from Honolulu, HI to your wedding or elopement destination, a rental car, 2 nights in a hotel and food per diem. If you are inquiring for an international wedding or elopement, I will give you a custom travel quote. For international travel the expense will be the same, but 5 nights in a hotel instead of 2.

Another reason I schedule my flights early: to scout! I definitely try and scout out gorgeous locations in your wedding/elopement area beforehand. If for some reason I’m not able to do that, I will ask fellow photographers or creative locals for recommendations!   

This is the only travel expense I will allow my couples to book for me, if they choose. As long as the place isn’t nasty or sketchy, you are more than welcome to book my stay for me! 

YES! You can see my current travel schedule right HERE. Depending on if your wedding happens to line up with my existing travel schedule, we can potentially waive some of the travel fees or create a custom travel quote just for you!  

the world needs what you got

September 22-25 // Boston, MA & Vermont
September 27-29 // Rosemary Beach, FL
October 1-2 // Lebanon, MO
October 6-7 // Nashville, TN
October 8 // Palm Coast, FL


It's no secret traveling is a deep love of mine. This travel schedule is based on current bookings + my own adventures. I'm always updating it as new trips arise so check back often! And as always, when I'm not traveling you can find me in lawrence, ks!


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