jordan + jenelle - lawrence, ks engagement session

A friend introduced Jordan to Jenelle at the library one day, and they didn't think much of it at the time. However, being in the same major (mechanical engineers) they realized they had a lot of classes together. They became fast friends, studying and hanging out together all the time. And as you'd expect, Jordan started developing feelings for Jenelle; however, Jenelle wasn't quite on the same page yet. Then one night Jordan took Jenelle on a "date," parenthesized because Jenelle didn't quite realize it was a date. At the end of the evening he decided to go for it and kiss her. Oops. She quickly turned her head as he leaned in, and what happened afterwards was one of those #awkwardmoments straight from a chick flick gone wrong. I'm not quite sure how they recovered after that, but by a miracle of God Jenelle's feelings started to turn around, and a few months later they started dating. The rest is history. I love their story because 1) it's hilarious (especially hearing about the failed kiss part from Jordan haha) and 2) it's such a beautiful example of love that never gives up, that pursues a heart so diligently and patiently. Their love reminds me of how Jesus pursues our hearts just the same. It's so beautiful. 

This was such a fun engagement session, mainly because Jordan and Jenelle were SO comfortable in front of the camera. They were playful, energetic, and so candid. It definitely shows in the photos coming across as playful and effortless. They were goofy and full of laughter the whole night, and it was such a treat to photograph these two. And to top it all off, their hearts are so giving and kind. When I locked my keys in the car during our location transition, they waited with me after the session was over while AAA came to help. <3