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I want a life full of incredible adventures

drinking multiple cups of coffee (black always), listening to some Ben Rector, and forcing my cat Tako into unwanted snuggles. If there’s a Thai restaurant nearby, you better believe I’m heading there immediately to order my favorite dish on the planet, Thai Green Curry (the spicier the betttaa!) I’m a huge adventurer, a girl who always has her bags packed, a wife to my husband, Andrew, and a mama to our little nugget Eloise! I’d rather be in the mountains than a shopping mall, and though I’m small (5’0” to be exact), my friends would describe my personality like a firecracker. I love serving the world by encouraging others to value their worth and chase after their God given calling.

Most days You Can Find Me...

Hey hey,
I'm Lindsey!

I'm ALL about serving you with an INCREDIBLE experience. It’s how I’m able to make my couples comfortable with me to get those candid in between shots that make you FEEL your love. It's not just about pretty photos for me, and you're not just a number on my calendar. I’ll be honest, if you're just looking for any person with a camera, I’m not your girl, and that’s ok! 

I'm NOT about posing you in multiple (and awful) "prom-like poses" that make you feel stiff and awkward or showing up as a random vendor who sticks a black box in your face and tells you to “fake” smile. HOW ABOUT NO. Here's how I roll: We're gonna start off as friends, deal? ;). I’m gonna get to know your story so I can photograph the way it actually FEELS. I'm gonna capture who you really are, your quirks, your laughs, and your tears. I want to see the way you light each other up or laugh so hard you snort. Because THOSE moments are the real, authentic, wonderful moments of your elopement or wedding day you'll want to remember years down the road. They are much more valuable to me (and if you feel the same you've come to the right place.)

I'm a Hawaii elopement and intimate wedding photographer most passionate about capturing moments. 

my approach

collect beautiful moments

For my couples, I do everything I can to make sure your photos are ones you are proud to show your grandchildren one day. You need vendor recommendations? Someone to hold your dress and bring you coffee on the day of? Someone to walk right by your side and assist with ANY questions you may have? I got you and I MEAN IT. When you book me, you're booking more than just a photographer, but a friend who gives a damn. I'm a photographer for the adventurers, the wild, and the whimsical, the brides who don't mind getting their dress a little dirty or sneaking out of their reception for sunset photos. Eloping in the mountains? I'm there in a heartbeat. Getting married in a National Park? Sign me up! I specialize in outdoor intimate weddings and adventurous elopements, but no matter where your adventure takes place, if you value the experience over perfectly posed photographs, we'll be a perfect fit. 

My heart is
 to serve couples

my husband and I have a goal to visit every national park.

I always ask questions out loud during movies. yeah, i'm that girl.

My favorite movies are the ones that make me tragically cry heaving sobs into my popcorn. i.e. Titanic, Me Before You, Five Feet Apart, etc...

I'm both a champagne and a gin and tonic kind of girl.

I'm obsessed with plants, but I have a hard time keeping them alive. #thestruggleisreal

my husband proposed to me 30 seconds after we met... for a video scavenger hunt ;)

I used to work at disney world as a character performer. if you ask nicely I may give you mickey's autograph ;)

my guilty pleasure tv show is the bachelor. #willyouacceptthisrose

if I could only have one meal for the rest of my life it would be thai green curry.

my favorite couples to photograph are the ones who aren't afraid to get their feet dirty and go on crazy adventures.

fun facts

March 30-April 1 // Moab, UT
April 18 // Kauai, HI
September 3 // Kauai, HI
September 12 // Maui, HI

January 22-24 // Maui, HI
February 15-18 // Puerto Rico
February 26 // Kauai, HI
March 1-10 // Switzerland
March 22-29 // Zion National Park, UT


It's no secret traveling is a deep love of mine. This travel schedule is based on current bookings + my own adventures. I'm always updating it as new trips arise so check back often! And as always, when I'm not traveling you can find me on the island of Oahu, Hawaii!


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 Am I speaking your language? 

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