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Eloise’s Birth Story: Part 2

  1. Ugh Lindsey! I am in tears reading this & you know me, I am NOT a baby person! It was so beautiful to read how you labored & trusted God every step of the way, even though it was hard, & things didn’t go how you’d hoped! Girl you don’t even know how much of an encouragement you are to me! Like I’ve shared, I don’t know if I ever want kids, but in general I have a lot of fears & doubts with it. You have shown me so beautifully how you can be BOTH a kick ass mom + a kick ass entrepreneur! Love you sister!

  2. Megan Cooper says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning!!! I love how imperfect they are and how they so clearly convey everything that was happening when they were taken. 😍

  3. Lucy says:

    Girl, you are the strongest badass mama ever to go through all that! Geez. Eloise – a sassy spitfire from Day -4 😂😂😂 Congrats again, Linds, on your gorgeous daughter and your strength. You frickin rule.

  4. Madi says:

    All of EJs birth resonates with me but in a different way lol. You and Andrew continued to amaze me day after day as we all impatiently waited for her arrival. You always did what’s best for each other and ultimately her. Where when and how don’t matter when you hold your baby. Next time it’s a home water birth for sure… Also I’m gunna need you to have at least two more cause I gotta know what those names are 😘.

  5. Tia says:

    Oh Lindsey! I’m your size twin (and a photographer—I’ve messaged you on Instagram several times as I too was pregnant with my third at the same time as you). Soooo much of this resonates with me! But, I want to emphasize, it resonates with me for my FIRST baby. I was in labour for 43 hours (YOU are a rockstar!) and it was ROUGHHH. I too planned a home birth, had the tub set up etc. But after 31 hours at home, and learning he was posterior and not putting enough pressure on my cervix to move things along forced us to make the decision Ron get to the hospital. I was at 6.5 cm almost the whole time. Barely progressing. Like you I had the gamut once I arrived—epidural, pitocin etc. Then I spiked a fever (likely from long labour/exhaustion) and had to be on antibiotics. Once I was ready to push I PUSHEDDDD like my life depended on it. He had severe shoulder dystocia and yet somehow my midwife got him out. He was 9 lbs!!!! I’m 5ft nil like you. It was a lot to process after. I learned I hemorrhaged as well and healing was a total nightmare.
    Less than two years later my daughter was born. 7 hours start to finish. I still didn’t get my home birth, as my very knowledgeable and loving midwife refused to allow it after what happened with my son. But still, the experience was like night and day. I DID opt for the epidural because I was terrified it was going to be the same, but I literally pushed her out less than 2.5 hours later. We were home in our living room 3 hours later. She also had mild shoulder dystocia but they knew how to handle me and it was pretty seamless.

    Then number 3. Our double rainbow baby after 2 miscarriages. Again—so different. So quick. Induced this time because of my history of large babies. I realized I actually had some ptsd from my experience with my first and each time before birth I was petrified. Even with an induction it was 5.5 hours! And this was 5.25 years after my first.
    This little man ended up being tiny! Born August 1st.

    My point—ugh I want on and on—is that things can be very different!! First babies are a challenge!! And us little ladies sometimes have a harder time!
    Your birth story makes you even more of a superhero than you already were and it’s a huge part of your life story. Way to go and thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Oh my word, Eloise is coming in hot with all kinds of fun for you! I love these types of stories because they are so great to remember. I can only imagine her face onc day when she reads about this! Our kids, love hearing about their birth and baby years!

    I am gonna link my birth story for our 3rd boy. It’s called
    “Blazin’ Beckett” and it has a whole bunch of parts. Just ignore my disaster of a website/blog.


    I hope you enjoy checking it out Linds!

  7. Catherine Isabell says:

    WOW. Just wow.
    I’m one of those Speedsters you mentioned (didn’t think I’d be, my mom had 3 long labors, 24 hrs being the shortest). This was my first baby & my water broke while at home waiting for the hospital to call us back with the induction date. (Yay for the miles circuit to encourage labor! My water broke after step 2 😂) but nothing else happened. No noticeable contractions & the hospital put me on oral cervidil to get things going. My body kicked in & after 4 hrs of labor contractions, I was at 2cm. 2 hrs later I felt like pushing & nurse said I was at 9cm & baby was beginning to crown already. They hurriedly got ready, I pushed for 15-20 minutes & we met our son! It’s amazing what our bodies can do to grow these precious babies!

  8. Emily says:

    I had a section due to breech presentation. We tried everything to turn baby, even an ECV which I wouldn’t recommend absolutely the most painful thing ever. But I did not want a section but what mom does? However it went perfect and baby was perfect. I was so worried about nursing but he latched on like a champ. And here we are 6 months later

  9. Abigail says:

    I loooove this story! I resonate with it so much. I had a super similar experience. I was very overdue, kept stalling, tried for natural and had to be transferred for an epidural… Thankfully we were able to avoid a C-section, though I think it was going to be discussed soon if I didn’t make progress. I really appreciate your positivity because I honestly feel a lot of trauma and guilt after my experience. Your perspective is helpful! And Elouise is SO CUTE.

  10. Katie Douglas says:

    Girl! You did have three 💗
    I have two littles both ended in emergency C-section or how I like to call unplanned*
    My first I was induce, he got stuck in my pelvis.
    My Youngest (hopefully we will have more)
    Went In labor as he was transverse and I was 41.4 days we went in for a C-section 😭 I got to experience labor for the first time! So I see that as a blessing. How ever atfer a T cut on my uterus, my Ezekiel was born (he was really in there)
    My son was 3 months old, when Eloise was born. And that same month my new chiropractor found out that my pelvis is all messed up and no way my babies can come out that way…. Why didn’t all my Midwife’s know 🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Jasa H says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I have been waiting on it for a while. I totally agree that no matter how the baby comes in to the world, the end result is a baby and it just doesn’t matter. We were due around the same time, I had actually booked a session with Sunny that was supposed to take place in July of this year a week before we found out we were pregnant, so we had to cancel the session and all of our trips for this year. My due date was June 15, I ended up delivering my baby at 26 weeks on March 11. I had an urgent c section, baby was breech, I was in my final semester of Nursing school. It was a disaster. I work in labor and delivery now, and Sometimes it gets to me that I didn’t get to have the birthing experience that I had wanted. But as I was reading this, all I realize is that it didn’t matter how my baby was born, I have a perfectly healthy and happy 9 month old at home. I think that’s all that matters. ❤️

  12. Alexis says:

    I was induced due to pre-eclampsia at 38 weeks (hallelujah!). I went in Saturday and didn’t have her until Monday. We were in the hospital for 5 days total, because our daughter was born with mild jaundice. She was beautiful and healthy and I was so grateful for such incredible care and support. I also had no idea pushing a baby out would feel like pooping! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  13. Meghan says:

    Omg! You’re a trooper! I’m so happy for you guys and love that you’re now ok with your story.
    I wanted to labor at home as long as possible but deliver at the hospital two miles down the road. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and was induced. I still tried for as natural as possible in the hospital but after 50 hours of laboring on pitocin I chose an epidural and our little Wonder arrived healthy 3 hours later. Definite not the way I planned but God’s plan and I’m ok with that.

  14. Anna Kendall says:

    Honestly, your story is SO SIMILAR to mine in every way except the c-section. I started contractions on a Saturday night, progressed to a ONE, got through a slow Sunday, then went to our birthing center at 2am on a Monday morning, only to find I was only at a 2. My baby was posterior so I was in a TON of back pain even at that point, and they let me stay at the birth center. I labored all day and everytime I thought I HAD to be in transition or something, I’d only be at a 4, then a 6, and it was so frustrating. I finally got to 10 and pushed for two hours at the birthing center before they determined the baby wasn’t making any progress and I was transferred to the hospital. I felt the baby slide BACK into my uterus when I stood up and thought I was for sure going to have the baby in the car ride to the hospital, haha.

    The pooping analogy is so real – no one told me beforehand either!! And I think I’m an effort to surround myself with positive birthing stories, I had imagined the pushing would be so intuitive and effortless like you also mentioned – I just so wasn’t prepared for how HARD I had to bear down. I got an epidural at the hospital (people are still stunned when I tell them I got one while dialated to a 10) and our girl was born just after midnight Tuesday morning. So, not quite as long as yours (BLESS YOU), but I seriously related to so many things!

    I had the bad luck of being assigned to an OB and nurse I reeeeally didn’t like (and getting an episiotomy without consent, etc) so this next time (I’m pregnant again!) I’m doing a midwife at the hospital so I can retain more control of my surroundings. Our baby was in the NICU with an infection directly after as well, which really messed with me. People keep telling me subsequent labors are so different and I really hope that’s true. 💛 Thanks for sharing your story! So happy your little girl is here.

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