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Are you struggling to find photography clients for your new business? Or even clients in general? Here are some tips and tricks for getting clients in front of your camera!


July 14, 2022

How to Find Photography Clients

Oh what I WISH I would have known seven years ago, when I decided to go full time in my wedding photography business. I mean, let’s be real, starting a business is no joke, and a majority of learning is through trial and error. There’s so many aspects of a photography business that you don’t […]


June 29, 2022

10 Photography Tools I Wish I Knew About When I Started My Business

Lindsey Roman is an intimate destination elopement photographer turned business educator, podcaster, and entrepreneur based out of Oahu, Hawaii. Her heart beats for teaching creative entrepreneurs branding, marketing, and social media strategies, while empowering them to own their God given gifts. She loves outdoor adventures, spicy food, and a good game of Catan just as […]


April 12, 2021

7 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Client

Wanna hear ONE thing that you’ll help you build a thriving business on social media?! Well, keep on reading to find out…


March 29, 2021

Want a thriving business? Do this…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t keep up in your business, here’s a compressive list of 18 programs & apps that help me run my online business more efficiently.


December 7, 2020

18 Software Programs and Apps EVERY Business Owner Needs

One of my number one rules for growing a successful online business is to consistently show up & SERVE your audience. It’s no secret that creating high-quality content is super important as a business owner and creative entrepreneur. You should ALWAYS be serving your audience with content that’s PACKED with great information.


November 16, 2020

7 Ways to Repurpose Content

Every photographers worst nightmare… harsh lighting. We ALL love to hate it. But your job as a photographer is to be prepared for ANY lighting scenario…


November 9, 2020

8 Tips on How to Shoot in Harsh Lighting

I would scream from the rooftops about how much I absolutely LOVE Flodesk. Here are a couple reasons why I switch from MailChimp and why YOU should too…


November 2, 2020

Why I Switched From MailChimp to Flodesk