jade + tanner - kansas city in home session

There's something so raw and authentic about capturing a couple in their element. There's no distractions, just two people totally and completely in love. Jade and Tanner welcomed me into their home so graciously, and let me capture a glimmer of their intimacy. It's so hard to choose which part of this session is my favorite, but I think some of the real gems are when their little pup Finn makes an appearance in bed with them. ;) 

Most of you might be familiar with Jade & Tanner from the TV show Bachelor In Paradise, where they met, fell in love, and got engaged last year. I've been a fan of the whole Bachelor Franchise since 5th grade. I've seen these shows create so many couples, a lot of who don't make it, but I've always been fascinated with the ones that have. Because despite the odds stacked against them, and despite the mass skepticism from people who don't believe these shows are the real deal, their love won out in the end. And guys, getting to witness Jade and Tanner's love, with no camera's (well except mine ha) and no TV interviews, was truly something special. 

At one point during our shoot I asked them the question, "What are you most proud of in the other person?" and told them to answer to each other. As Jade began answering the question to Tanner, her eyes filled with tears. I don't even remember what her answer was, and that's ok. I don't need to know, because their answers were meant for one another. But what I do remember is the raw, unashamed emotion expressed in that moment. Pure love. You could feel it in the air; you could see it on their faces. And that moment is why I love this job, and why it doesn't even feel like a job to me. Because I'm betting when they look back on these photos they'll remember those answers, and this special time in their first year of marriage where they overcame the odds and fought for something beautiful. And dang guys, it sure was beautiful.