andrew + allyson - big bend national park adventure session

There is nothing my heart enjoys more than photographing couples in love in wildly beautiful locations. When Allyson contacted me on Instagram begging me to take photos of her and her boyfriend Andrew, she was nervous I wouldn't want to travel to Odessa, TX. Girl please. ;) Traveling is my middle name! Not only did I scream "YAASSS!" & bring my hubby with me, but we went even farther south and met them in Big Bend National Park! (Which is seriously one of the more underrated parks; it's beautiful and freaking huge!) 

For these adventure sessions, what happens plays out more like a double date with a camera (my favorite kind). Allyson, me, and our Andrews adventured all over Big Bend, hiking, stopping occasionally to take photos, and laughing so hard. This couple had me doubled over laughing all day. (My voice was pretty much non existent for this shoot so when they made me laugh I sounded like a wheezing coyote...) 

Andrew and Allyson had such a connection to each other that was beautiful to watch. They could be making jokes and laughing one second, and look like models the next. They met as kids when Allyson was an ice skater (SO COOL! pun intended..) and was friends with Andrew's little sister. So growing up he was always her friend's cool older brother. Fast forward a few years, they were both older, and suddenly things changed. For Andrew, Allyson wasn't just his little sister's friend anymore. I'm such an fan of relationships that begin as friendship and turn into something more, and that's just what happened with these two. They fell in love in the best way. 

Once we were done hiking and taking photos we drove back to our Airbnb, and the hubs made us all dinner under the stars. It was seriously the perfect day, and I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else other than these two beautiful friends. 

Check out their session below! You'll see lots of Texas mountains, canyons, a few cacti, and two people so in love.