samuel + kayci - lawrence, ks backyard autumn wedding

This one's a special one for me. Because this wedding wasn't just any client who came to me to photograph their wedding. I've known Samuel & Kayci for years now. They are dear friends to me; Kayci was my roommate, and Samuel was my husband's roommate. This wedding was so special for me to photograph because I got to document the culmination of a relationship I watched grow in front of my own eyes. I lived with Kayci through her singleness, her realizing she had feelings for Sam, their dating season, and finally their engagement. Each season was so unique and special, and it was so amazing to watch God work in both their lives, bringing them together in such a beautiful way. 

I remember the nights when Kayci would come into my room. We'd talk about love and she'd say, "I just want him to propose already!" She's a woman who knows what she wants, and she always knew Sam was the one. She even asked me to photograph their wedding before he had proposed. Because she just knew, and I think that's so admirable. And guys, it was the sweetest experience to be apart of their big day in such a unique way. Watching them say their vows to each other I realized this was the day they had both been so diligently waiting for. The day their hearts became one. 

I'm so proud of these two friends, and I'm so proud of these photos. I hope while viewing their gallery you feel the love and laughter radiating through, because these two people know how to love and party hard. This wedding was filled with both. Enjoy their beautiful backyard autumn wedding. <3