Romans in Oahu - Our Move From Kansas to Hawaii

This summer my husband, Andrew, and I did a huge thing. We moved from Kansas, where we both grew up, to Hawaii. It's been a wild adventure, a huge change, and a journey we are excited to share with you guys.

For those of you who don't know, Andrew is in the Coast Guard, and him being stationed in Honolulu is what moved us here. Not that we mind one bit! In order to ship our car to Hawaii, we had to drop it off in LA. Once we knew that had to happen, we started planning a way to make this move a fun trip where we could get the most out of our travels. Driving from Eastern Kansas to Los Angeles is quite a feat, so we decided to mix it up by stopping for a few days in Joshua Tree National Park for some hiking and exploring.

From there we flew from LAX to Honolulu, and began the crazy process of getting settled on the island. Within two weeks from arriving to the island we had already found a church, met the kindest friend at church, Erica (who also happened to be a realtor!), went to a luau, explored a beach on each side of the island, went snorkelling multiple times, bought a crappy craigslist car, found the perfect little island home to buy, and got our bid accepted for that house! It's been a crazy whirlwind, and God has been so faithful watching over us through it all. It's still taking time to settle in, but already Oahu is starting to feel like home.

In the process of this move I wanted to invite you guys into our adventure and show you what we've been up to the past month! So I made a video of our trip and move to Hawaii, and you can watch it below! I hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek into our big life change! Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about the move and getting settled in Hawaii I'd be more than happy to answer them!

Mahalo + enjoy! ;) 

Lindsey Roman is an adventurous, destination wedding and intimate elopement photographer based out of Oahu, Hawaii and available worldwide. She lives for outdoor adventures, intimate moments, and candid images. Her style is raw, passionate, and authentic. She believes in chasing sunsets, laughing too hard, and most importantly: capturing genuine moments that evoke feeling over perfectly posed photographs.