josh + rachel - baltimore engagement

The more I use social media, the more I get to meet beautiful souls all over this world who turn into great friends. Enter Rachel & Josh. Rachel messaged me on Instagram wondering where in the world I was located, and if there was any way I could do her engagement photos in Maryland. Lucky for her, when photography is concerned, anywhere in the world IS where I'm located, ;) So I booked a plane ticket, an Airbnb, and off I went to Baltimore, Maryland. These two sweet souls drove me to my Airbnb, and we headed off to eat pizza, cause OBVIOUSLY that's the first thing one does when one meets new friends. 

Over deep dish pizza I heard these two share their incredible love for each other, how they met 7 years ago at church and were friends for a long time. Then Rachel moved to Florida with her family, and they both realized how much they liked each other. One of those cases of you don't realize what you have until it's gone. ;) So she moved back up to Maryland, and they never looked back. 

When we were done eating pizza, we headed back to where we parked our car, and to our dismay, after spending 30 minutes searching for it, we realized it had been towed. Now had these two been even an ounce of uptight, this easily could have ruined the photos and the rest of our night. But guys, I can't even begin to tell you how chill and down to earth Josh & Rachel were. Of course, nobody ever wants to have their car towed (it's annoying and expensive), but even in the midst of an ugly situation, these two impressed me so much with their go with the flow attitude. After realizing the impound lot was only a 16 minute walk away and the sun was going down with every passing minute, I suggested we begin taking photos as we walked. So crazily enough, the first section of this album was taken on our way to the Baltimore impound lot. Maybe it was less than ideal at the time, but what a wonderful story they get to tell for years to come! Once the car was retrieved, we headed down to Fell's Point on the harbor, changed outfits, and made the most out of every ounce of twilight God gave us. 

I'm so thankful for Josh & Rachel for taking and chance on me and trusting me to capture their beautiful relationship. I'm so thankful for instagram handles that turn into dream clients and strangers that turn into friends. Baltimore left such a sweet taste in my mouth and it was all because of these two.