chance + ashlee | white rock lake dallas, texas engagement session | adventurous destination wedding photographer

Going into this Dallas session, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Not because of Ashlee and Chance. These two are cutie pies! I was nervous because I had just moved to Hawaii, the land where you don't have to look very hard to find a beautiful photoshoot location. I was nervous because I didn't think I could find a location in Texas that had the same "wow" factor that Hawaii has. And let's just be real, Texas' landscape doesn't really hold a candle to Hawaii's. It just doesn't.

But after meeting up with Ashlee and Chance, exploring White Rock Lake in the middle of Dallas, and shooting these babes as the sun set, I realised something so simple. Something I think is a valuable piece of advice for any photographer:

Location doesn't make a good photo.

You don't need Pacific Northwest mountains to create a good photo. You don't need Hawaiian oceans to create a good photo. And you don't need hipster desert landscapes from Utah or Arizona to create a good photo.

All you need is two people so in love who are willing to let that love be photographed. 

And Ashlee and Chance? These two have that love. They were giggly and smiling the entire evening, and they made my job SO easy. It's because of these two that this session is so beautiful. It's because of them it's now one of my new favorites. It was such a joy getting to capture their beautiful love story, and I seriously cannot wait to head back to Texas next year to photograph their wedding!

P.S. Want to know a cool fact about this location? Ashlee's grandmother grew up here and used to spend so many days out on the lake. So even though we didn't choose it for that reason, White Rock Lake holds a special place in Ashlee's family tree. HOW amazing is that, that we could bring it full circle and take their engagement photos there!? 

Lindsey Roman is an adventurous, destination wedding and intimate elopement photographer based out of Oahu, Hawaii and available worldwide. She lives for outdoor adventures, intimate moments, and candid images. Her style is raw, passionate, and authentic. She believes in chasing sunsets, laughing too hard, and most importantly: capturing genuine moments that evoke feeling over perfectly posed photographs.