anthony + morgan - joshua tree national park adventure session

Morgan and I met over the Internet. (As most my best relationships do..) I honestly can't remember if it was Twitter or Tumblr, but the internet it was none-the-less. We realized we were both doing the Disney College Program at Disney World at the same time. Our program startied in January, and it took us until April to finally hang out in person, but thank God we did. We instantly clicked over our mutual love for Disney, sparkles, and adventure. On days off we'd go visit Gaston, Peter Pan, and Anna & Elsa. We'd stop by the Starbucks on Main Street and get our favorite cake pops, cause duh. ;) Though we were living the dream in Disney, my favorite thing about our days together was hearing Morgan talk about her boy back home, Anthony. These two have done more long distance than any other couple I know, and when I finally got the chance to see them together, it all made sense. The way they look at each other is unreal. Their love, as Morgan describes it, is like "butterflies in a jar or snowflakes on your tongue." And I think that's exactly how love should be. 

When I was out in Anaheim visiting them in November, we took a detour to frolick in Joshua Tree. And man oh man, I can't decide which is more breathtaking, JTree or these two. Let's be real, it's definitely these two, but Joshua Tree was unlike anything I've ever seen. We shot all the way until sundown and even a bit after (which is why the lighting is so different throughout this session.) My favorite part is that I got to capture such close friends of mine (Morgan was even a bridesmaid in my wedding). Their love is truly magical, better than any Disney movie, and I hope that really comes across in these photos.

Enjoy viewing their adventure session in Joshua Tree!