2015 one second a day video project

At the beginning of last year I asked God to give me a word that He wanted me to focus on in 2015. He gave me the word "grow" & looking back, so much grace & growth happened to me in 2015. I learned to rely on God for my provision. I learned when someone you love loses someone to be there for them. I learned what it looks like to really be in love. I learned to take action with my creativity. I learned that I love to dance & frolic ALOT. And I learned it's ok to not be perfect (a hard one I'm still swallowing.) 2015 was full of challenges, hardships, and one of the most beautiful moments of my life. {Note Oct 12th <3} This past year I did a video project where I filmed one second of every single day. Because I think it's important to remember the everyday moments just as much as the big mountain top moments. 2015 was filled with both. Enjoy watching & happy 2016 loves!